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With 55 million customers shopping at one of our 19 local brands every week, can you imagine the enormous amount of data we receive? It’s an endless river of digital information. Data is one of our company’s most valuable assets. Our customers increasingly expect us to understand them and their needs, and provide a personalized, optimal customer experience. To offer such an experience, we need leading data, analytics, governance and algorithm capabilities, paired with fact-based decision-making. That responsibility lies in the hands of our very capable Data & Analytics team. We create an ecosystem in which to maximize our data for the benefit of our customers and our organization. This way, our Data & Analytics department is at the heart of Ahold Delhaize’s digital transformation.  

In past years, Data & Analytics comprised two separate teams: Global Support Office (GSO) and Europe (EU). To maximize our impact, in 2020, we centralized our Data & Analytics teams to form the Digital Retail Squad (DRS). Our optimized team set-up is equipped to support our family of brands efficiently and effectively. All our experts collaborate with each other and discuss innovative projects. We build new and share successful existing algorithms across brands. Through our joint vision, strategy and priorities, we impact our organization’s short- and long-term goals.  

At DRS, we work together as one, overarching team that supports our GSO and EU departments. We focus on centralized strategy setting and execution, concentrate on project management and, at the same time, operate as an expert hub for the whole organization. In addition, all our local brands have their own Data & Analytics teams. Gathering knowledge, experience and best practices among the different lean teams is key to our success. All this information is vital in driving omnichannel growth for our brands and realizing our overall ambitions. 

The tools and mandate to have an impact at scale

What can you do with your most valuable assets? Create value, of course! On the Data & Analytics team, our added value – and, thus, our impact – is huge. We delve into complex topics and regularly hold pivotal discussions in which everybody’s viewpoint is listened to and considered. On our team, each voice counts. We work closely with all our brands and colleagues, both local and global. Our managers place their trust in us – providing us with the tools and mandate to make data-driven decisions. This, in turn, hugely benefits our brands, customers and society every day.  

“Technology is embedded in everyday life, everywhere. I wanted to understand the models and systems behind it. Data is just the most valuable currency of our times.” 

Başak Eskili, Machine Learning Engineer, Ahold Delhaize

A 360-degree view of the most complex topics

As part of our team, you are responsible for your own projects. Often, you even get to choose them. Whichever project you work on, there will always be two givens: it will be challenging, and you’ll get plenty of opportunities to learn and develop. Add to this the experts from our multiple brands and countries you’ll work with, and you get a 360-degree view of the most challenging, complex topics.  

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