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Internship at Ahold Delhaize 

Internships at Ahold Delhaize, Albert Heijn, Etos or Gall & Gall appeal to many students. And for good reason: they offer endless room for growth and development, and present an ideal kickstart to your career. It’s not about making copies or getting coffee; as an intern at Ahold Delhaize or one of its local (Dutch) brands, you’re as seen and appreciated, your opinion is valued, and you really get to contribute to the bigger picture. 

The ins and outs of an internship with Ahold Delhaize  

Our internships come with a lot of responsibilities, and there’s plenty of room for initiative. Over a period of five to six months, you get to work on a variety of projects and assignments, giving you a chance to make really meaningful contributions and truly have an impact on our customers and your learning journey.  

Throughout your internship, all your associates will offer you intensive guidance. They’re there for you if ever you need help or advice. As a result, apart from rapidly expanding your knowledge and experience, you’ll also be able to grow your network within the wider organization. In terms of financial compensation, the monthly allowance for an internship is €450-€550 plus travel compensation, depending on how far you need to commute. And you’ll also get to join in on all the events organized by Young Ahold Delhaize and the events committee.

As an intern, ideally, you…  

 ...Are curious about the world of retail, and about Ahold Delhaize in particular;  

...Take initiative, responsibility for, and ownership of your work; 

...Are confident when it comes to voicing your opinion;  

...Look forward to working in a great work environment in a welcoming atmosphere;  

...Want to develop and grow professionally; 

...Work well independently; 

...Possess excellent written and verbal communication skills;  

...Have an affinity for retail;  

...Are officially registered at a Dutch university or university of applied sciences (HBO or WO). 

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Frequently asked questions

Application process

The internships at Ahold Delhaize start twice per year: in February and September. The best time to apply is in the months beforehand. Take a look at this page to find more information on the matching days for internships.  

In addition to the Matching Days, we have a vacancy offer on the website.

There are two starting moments per year; in February and September.

We offer the possibility to graduate in combination with 4 days of cooperation. Unfortunately, it is not possible within our organization to graduate full-time.

The internships we offer are for 5 to 6 months.

We are happy to welcome store employees at our head office, we can use the expertise from the store here.

If you do not come across an internship on the site that matches your interests, please send an email to, so we can take a look with you.

We have a number of internships for MBO students, when they are available, a vacancy will be posted on the website.

Because 80% of the attendees on the Matching Day go home with a definitive internship, it is not possible to participate in multiple Matching Days. During the intake, our recruiters are happy to think along with you about which Matching Day best suits your needs.

It is only possible to do an internship with us if you are registered at an educational institution.

Most of our internships are only available for Dutch speaking students. Internships which are available for English speaking students are English written vacancies on our website.

Unfortunately it is not possible to join us for a day.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to do an internship in a duo, we only offer individual internships.

As 80% of Matching Days attendees land an internship, participating in multiple Matching Days is not an option. Having trouble choosing which Matching Day to sign up for? Reach out to our recruiters at They’ll advise you as to which day best suits your needs and wishes.

Most of the internships we offer cater toward Dutch-speaking students. In the event of an internship opening for English-speaking students, you’ll find it (written in English) on our website under our internship offering.

Internship at Ahold Delhaize

Hybrid working has become the norm for us. Therefore, you will work a few days in the office and a few days from home.

Every intern has an internship supervisor who guides you, this will be online. Online events are also organized by Young Ahold Delhaize and there is an events committee for and by interns.

To get an idea of this, we would like to refer you to the 'expertises' tab and to our current vacancy offer.

The internship allowance is 450 for HBO students and 500 for WO students per 4 weeks on the basis of full-time employment. There is a travel allowance depending on the number of kilometers between home and work distance. This is regardless of whether you have a student travel product.

The monthly internship allowance is €450 for HBO students and €500 for WO students, based on full-time employment. Depending on your commute, an additional travel allowance is provided, regardless of whether you have a student travel product.

Great, please reach out to us – we’ll gladly welcome you, and your expertise and input!

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