Unleashing Gastronomic Geekery: AH Food & Tech Week

30 Jun, 2023


Last week we organised an event that bridged the gap between the technology and business side of our company. Let’s look back and dive into the vibrant tapestry of innovation and unforgettable moments that made the AH Food & Tech Week a feast like no other.

Simplification, innovation, and sustainability through Technology

The AH Food & Tech Week embarked on a mission to simplify processes, drive innovation, and embrace sustainability through the power of technology. Our goal was to explore the exciting possibilities at the intersection of food, business & technology, fostering collaborations that would reshape the future of our company and the food industry.

  • Igniting the Spirit of Innovation
    Our own Technology colleagues took the stage, sharing insights, experiences, and visions that ignited the spirit of innovation. Their thought-provoking talks showcased the transformative potential of technology in simplifying processes, enhancing customer experiences, and driving sustainable practices within the culinary world.

  • Empowering Tech Enthusiasts
    Non-techies delved into immersive workshops, empowering them to explore cutting-edge technologies and their applications in the culinary realm. From AI-powered solutions to data-driven insights, these hands-on sessions provided a platform for non-tech colleagues to get hands-on experience and unleash their creativity in the pursuit of simplification and innovation.

  • Co-creating the Future
    AH Food & Tech Week embraced collaboration as a driving force for change. Partnerships were forged, bringing together technology experts and business minds. Through co-creation, teams worked together to develop innovative solutions that simplified processes, fostered creativity, and promoted sustainable practices throughout the company.