Manager Corporate Strategy & Business Development

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Manager Corporate Strategy & Business Development

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  • To be courageous
  • To live wholeheartedly
  • To keep growing
  • A solution-oriented attitude

How you can
make a difference

Manager Corporate Strategy & Business Development

Are you an experienced consultant in corporate strategy and digital strategy and transformation? Have you had experience driving corporate strategy at the highest levels within an organization? We invite you to make your mark on one of the largest and most diverse retailers in the world.


Hi, we are Ahold Delhaize, a global family of caring brands

Helping people eat well, save time, and live better. That is what Ahold Delhaize (55m weekly customers, 413k colleagues) stands for. As one of the world's largest and most forward-thinking food retail groups, our global family of local brands creates inspiring shopping experiences. Whether people shop at brick-and-mortar, prefer quick pick-ups, or opt for the convenience of ordering online, Ahold Delhaize delivers.

We are growing our business quickly but responsibly. We advocate and accelerate sustainable retailing, responsible sourcing, supporting local communities, and helping customers make healthier choices in a world in transition. That requires the courage and wholeheartedness to have convictions and stand up for what we believe in. It also takes a growth-hacking mindset: tomorrow's opportunities call for tomorrow's skills. But most of all, it requires us to be there for the people and communities we serve. #daretocare


Dive wholeheartedly into these key responsibilities: 

  • Help define the strategic direction of Ahold Delhaize
  • Identify and translate external trends and commercial developments into strategic opportunities
  • Advise our executive committee and supervisory board on strategic questions, e.g. regarding consumer and industry shifts
  • Plan and manage activities within Ahold Delhaize’s strategic implementation cycle to drive strategy execution


As Manager Corporate Strategy you will lead, build and operationalize our corporate strategy across Europe and the United States. You will learn, develop and leverage fundamental skills around how to develop effective strategy, how to drive eCommerce and omnichannel growth, and how to manage a multi-billion euro multinational business. You will also help develop Ahold Delhaize’s enterprise corporate strategy, assisting in the development, execution and communication of our corporate strategy to our management and supervisory boards, our executive committee, as well as across all of our retail brands. Digital and omnichannel is at the heart of a core transformation at Ahold Delhaize, here you will play a key role in ensuring Ahold Delhaize is at the forefront of key consumer and industry shifts.


In this strategic management role you will keep track of trends and commercial developments that could impact our business. You will drive our planning cycle, reviewing our strategy across our regions and brands. You will also develop strategies and new business opportunities that will drive growth in this increasingly digital-first world. Lastly, you will link these strategic initiatives to our financial plan and ensure integration across all of our brands, regions and functions.


In this role you report to VP and Global Head of Strategy, Digital Strategy and Business Development. You will work with stakeholders such as the Executive Committee members, functional, regional and brand senior executives and key associates. You need to navigate through a complex organization that comprehends multiple seniority levels, countries, languages and cultures. For this reason you need advanced diplomatic skills and the ability to communicate at an executive level.

This is how you keep growing 
Ahold Delhaize is growing enthusiastically but sustainably. If we can grow while having a more positive impact on people or our planet, we're going for it. We encourage all 413,000 colleagues to share this attitude on a personal level, so opportunities to master new skills and expand your capabilities are a given. And because we're a global family of brands, finding your next challenge comes (almost) as naturally as calling an actual relative. We #daretocare for our people at all levels. 


What does that translate to in this role?

  • A gross annual base salary of € 80k (excluding multiple performance incentives)
  • A first-rate pension plan with a personal contribution of just 6.2%
  • The development and career prospects you associate with a global player: best-in-class coaching, well-constructed growth paths and international, cross-brand career options
  • 20 vacation days, supplemented by a personal budget: take an additional 12.5 days off, opt for discounts, or take the cash
  • Flexible working hours, the option for a hybrid setup combining work from home and the office


We welcome caring colleagues who have 

  • A Master’s degree in Economics or Business Administration
  • Around 5 years of work experience in a consulting firm or in the retail industry across corporate strategy, strategy consulting, business operations, finance and/or business development.
  • The ability to successfully create and communicate (written and verbal) complex strategic insights and the company strategy at an executive level.
  • Logical structuring skills, problem decomposition and solutioning.
  • A proactive and entrepreneurial attitude for taking on new roles and responsibilities.
  • Experience managing projects, key stakeholders and workstreams.
  • Experience developing and executing senior leadership meetings and workshops.
  • The ability to develop quantitative analysis and financial models in Excel.
  • Experience in performing external research and driving external and internal stakeholder interviews.


Dare to care and grow with us?
We look forward to teaming up! Hopefully, soon at your new home away from home: our vibrant HQ, right next to Zaandam station.

matters to us?

Ahold Delhaize is one of the world’s largest food retail groups and a leader in both supermarkets and e-commerce. Together, we help people eat well, save time and live better – it’s how we make a difference. And we do it because we care: for our customers, our people and the world around us.

Be courageous

"I realized how much impact you can truly have as an individual, working for such a huge international company.”

Live Whole Heartedly 

“The support this company has always offered means the world to me."

Keep Growing

“I feel the freedom to show initiative, propose changes and try new things. Having that freedom gave me wings to fly.”

What our selection
process looks like?



Share your enthusiasm for Ahold Delhaize or of our great local brands — explain why do you want to work for us and how you can add value. Your goal is to engage the hiring manager and to get them thinking about you as a potential new hire. Give it your all!


Job interview(s)

After you have been selected and depending on the role, you will be invited for one or more job interviews. The job interview, which is a two way conversation, will take place online (via Teams) or at the office. You will be informed by the recruiter. This is your moment to shine (but you always do ofcourse)


Online Assessment

When both parties would like to continue the conversation you will be invited for an online assessement, also known as pre-employment tests. The purpose of the test is helping hiring manager determine whether a candidate has the skills, work style, knowlegde of personality to succeed in a the role. 


Job Offer

We are thrilled to get you onboard and would like to offer you the job. In this phase we start the conversation about the details which comes with the job, such as compensation, benefits and other contract details. 


Welcome the Ahold Delhaize family

We do our utmost for you to feel at home, heard and valued and encourage you to be courageous, live wholehearted and keep growing. Therefore, we start the (pre)onboarding process as soon as you accepted the job offer. This process includes a technical and functional onboarding within Ahold Delhaize or our great familiy of local brands. 

Need help with application or orientation?

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